Registration Terms & Conditions

Health & Safety Agreement 

The dancer(s) (“Registrant”) attending an event (“Experience”) with permission from their parents or legal guardians (“Parent”), if under 18, has elected to participate in dance or performance activities (“Physical Activities”) with Liberate Artists Inc (“Liberate”) at an Experience. The registrant understands that participating in this Experience, whether in person or virtually, will involve Physical Activities that carry certain associated risks (including but not limited to brain injury, severe bodily harm, and/or death). Registrant is also aware that human error can contribute to such injuries. Registrant and/or Parent voluntarily assume any and all risks associated with Physical Activities and both agree to incur and assume all risks as conditions of participation in Physical Activities. Additionally, Registrant and/or Parent hereby waive all claims (past, present or future), release and discharge, covenant not to sue, and agree to indemnify and hold harmless Liberate (as well as its officers, employees, and agents) and the hosting site on whose premises the Experience will be held (“Venue”). This release covers every possible injury or accident of every type and nature, whether related to the permitted activity, the equipment, the condition of the premises, or otherwise and regardless of whether due in whole or in part to the negligence of any party. Registrant and/or Parent represents that Registrant is healthy and has no physical or mental condition that would impair Registrant’s ability to fully and safely participate in the Experience. Registrant and/or Parent also acknowledges and agrees that Registrant may only attend an in-person Experience with the supervision of an adult, 19 years or older (“Caretaker”) if Registrant is 17 years or younger. Caretaker is responsible for the well-being and supervision of Registrant at all times. Liberate is not responsible, at any time or to any extent, for the supervision or welfare of Registrant during their attendance of an Experience.

 Media Agreement 

Registrant and/or Parent grant Liberate and those acting on behalf of Liberate (videographers, photographers, staff, sponsors) the perpetual right to use Registrant’s name, image, videotape, sound, media, location, and/or likeness (“Media”) in any and all manner for social media, audio-visual programs, and promotional materials relating to Experience. Registrant and/or Parent release all legal rights to Media taken at Experience.

 Registration Agreement 

Once Registrant has registered for an Experience, no refunds will be authorized for any reason including but not limited to change of faculty, rescheduling of dates, or Registrant’s inability to attend Experience. All payment plans initiated by Registrant and/or Parent must be completed in their entirety or risk losing the Registrant's scholarship where applicable. If Registrant can no longer attend Experience, all Registration payments will be held as a credit, redeemable against a future Liberate Experience bearing the same name and held within 12 months. Any credit not redeemed will expire after 12 months. If Liberate decides to cancel an Experience, due to low enrollment, all registration payments will be returned within 2 weeks of the cancelation announcement. Registrant and/or Parent acknowledges, understands, and agrees that in all cases, excluding low enrollment, a change in Experience date/s as far as 12 months beyond the original Experience start date is defined in this agreement as a reschedule ("Reschedule"). A Reschedule does not constitute a refund. At Liberate’s discretion, a Reschedule is the most likely course of action when reacting to any unforeseen Experience hindering problem including but not limited to a Force Majeure Event. (Please see the Force Majeure clause below.)

Force Majeure Clause

The occurrence of an event which materially interferes with the ability of Liberate to perform its obligations or duties hereunder which is not within the reasonable control of Liberate or any of its Affiliates, and which could not with the exercise of Diligent Efforts have been avoided (“Force Majeure Event”), including, but not limited to, war, rebellion, earthquake, fire, accident, strike, riot, civil commotion, act of God, act of terrorism, change of law, curtailment of transportation facilities, public health warnings made by the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or National Institutes of Health, or any other emergency of a comparable nature beyond the parties' control impacting the dates of the booking or any dates preceding the Experience start date. If Experience falls under the Force Majeure Clause, then Liberate reserves the right to Reschedule the Experience date/s and no refunds will be provided. Registrant’s registration will automatically be rescheduled to the new Experience date/s. If Registrant can not attend the rescheduled date/s all registration payments will be held as a credit, redeemable against a future Liberate Experience bearing the same name, and held within 12 months from the original Experience start date. Any credit will expire after 12 months.

 Fraudulent Payment Dispute

Failure of Registrant to attend Experience, for any reason (including but not limited to unavailability, illness, or a Reschedule), will not result in a refund. By registering for Experience, Registrant and/or Parent agrees that if Registrant is unable to attend, any and all payments made to Liberate will be held by Liberate as a credit, redeemable against a future Liberate Experience bearing the same name and held within 12 months from the original Experience start date. Any credit will expire after 12 months. Parent and/or Registrant understands and acknowledges that if they file a payment dispute with their financial institution, ("Dispute") for any registration payment made to Liberate for an Experience that is defined in this agreement as having been Rescheduled then Registrant and/or parent is knowingly committing fraud. Registrant and/or Parent agrees to be held liable for all legal and administrative costs relating to Liberate defending a Dispute. All Disputes will be defended, legally, and this agreement will be used as evidence against Registrant and/or Parent’s Dispute. Registrant and/or Parent agree to contact Liberate, at, before any Dispute is raised with their bank or credit card company.

Payment Plans 

Registrant and/or Parent agree and understand that payment plans are a gesture of goodwill. Liberate is committed to providing educational access to all Registrants regardless of economic boundaries. All payment plans must be completed in full. Failure to adhere to a payment plan may result in loss of Registrant’s scholarship at Liberate’s discretion. A reinstallation fee of $100 will automatically be charged to the Parent and/or Registrant account if a payment plan is stopped or auto cancels due to repeated failed collection attempts. If Registrant and/or Parent is having problems completing payments per their payment plan, they must contact Liberate will adjust the payment plan to meet the financial requirements of Registrant and/or Parent when possible. All payment plans must be completed no later than 15 days before Experience for Registrant to attend unless otherwise agreed in writing by Librate.


Registrant and/or Parent agree and understand that scholarships may only be used for the related Experience in the year in which they are awarded. Scholarships may not be combined in any manner. Failure to adhere to a payment plan may result in loss of Registrant’s scholarship at Liberate’s discretion. *Anti-Hate & Bullying Agreement * Hate of all kind is prohibited at Liberate. This includes but is not limited to virtual or in-personal activities. Any Registrant and/or Parent who is deemed, by Liberate, to be or to have been participating in hate or bullying will be permanently banned from all Liberate events with immediate effect and will not receive a refund for any payments made.


If any provision of this Agreement is unenforceable, all other provisions remain in effect.

Agreement of All Terms 

Registrant and/or Parent hereby warrant that they have read the Terms and Conditions in its entirety and fully understand its contents and are voluntarily checking this box to agree to the same.