General Information

Take a dive to learn all about Focus: Season 2. 

Focus: Season 2 is an intimate commercial dance experience for dance artists (ages 12-19) interested in exploring professional dance in Los Angeles. This experience is founded in participant inclusivity and self-compassion. At Focus: Season 2 all participants will be encouraged to embrace their individuality while collaborating with their fellow unit members, from all over the world. Dancers may attend Focus: Season 2 by invitation or audition only. Participants will train with the hottest commercial dancers and industry professionals, audition and shoot an original music video (with a professional recording artist), and will form connections and friendships that will last a lifetime. This experience will conclude with a red carpet video premiere, starring you. 

July 9th - July 14th 2021 in Los Angeles, California. 

Focus: Season 2 will be held at various locations throughout Los Angeles. Please note the following information is tentative and subject to change. Currently, we are planning to hold auditions at the hottest dance studio in Los Angeles, The Playground LA, classes and rehearsal to be held at Loyola Marymount University, and our music video shoot locations will be announced prior to the start of Focus.

Focus: Season 2 is open to dancers ages 12+ by invitation or audition only. Dancers younger than 12 may be invited or audition with special reccomendation from their studio owner.

No, there are no levels at Focus: Season 2. All classes are open level. 

Focus: Season 2 is a complete commercial dance experience. Expect tons of hip hop, contemporary, jazz, commercial heels, street jazztheatre on film, as well as conditioning, industry classes, brand/self development classes, and more! 

Airplanes, Hotels, and Automobiles

Our best tips for booking travel and accommodations. 

If you are coming to Los Angeles from the East Coast, Mid West, or South West we suggest that you fly to Focus. The closet airport to the hotel is Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Our exclusive Focus hotels are located minutes away from LAX and the hotels offer complimentary airport shuttle service, 24 hours a day. 

If you are coming to Los Angeles from the West Coast and don't want to fly or are in driving distance of Los Angeles, we suggest you drive. 

Team Liberate uses Google Flights and Sky Scanner . Please note in using these sites we suggest you use them as a reference and only book, directly through airlines and not through these third party sites. 

Yes, there are two hotel options available forFocus: Season 2.  The price is only $155++ per night and breakfast is included, daily, for two. You can choose whichever hotel best suits your family's needs. Booking will become available in late summer 2020. 

Yes, you will need transportation to get around Los Angeles and to the various Focus locations. We suggest renting a car or taking Uber/LYFT around the city. As a reminder Los Angeles is known for its high traffic and parking conundrums.  Please leave  additional time to arrive 15-20 minutes early to each location. 

Registration, Auditions, and Invitations

Want to audition or have been invited to Focus: Season 2? Learn how to join us in Los Angeles!

If you have received a golden ticket in the mail follow the registration instructions in your invitation letter. Use your code to: REGISTER HERE

If you are interested in auditioning to join us for Focus: Season 2 you must submit an audition video. SUBMIT AUDITION VIDEO HERE

For every Liberate Artists convention or experience, we provide payment plans for families. To begin your payment plan a $100 deposit is required. Plans will offically begin on September 8th 2020. Payment plan lengths are determined by the registration date. View the payment plan schedule below. 

September 8th 2020: 10 Month Payment Plan

October 8th 2020: 9 Month Payment Plan

November 8th 2020: 8 Month Payment Plan

December 8th 2020: 7 Month Payment Plan

January 8th 2021: 6 Month Payment Plan

February 8th 2021: 5 Month Payment Plan

March 8th 2021: 4 Month Payment Plan

April 8th 2021: 3 Month Payment Plan

May 8th 2021: 2 Month Payment Plan

After May 8th 2021 no more payment plans will be available. 

Yes, for all of our Liberate Artists dance conventions and experiences we provide scholarships, making every opportunity at Liberate Artists as accessible as possibleThe following information below applies to scholarship distribution and scholarship rules/regulations. 


Dancers who audition or are invited to Focus, Season 2 will have the opportunity to apply for a $750.00 scholarship for early registration. After early registration (which ends January 2021) general registration dancers who audition or are invited to Focus, Season 2 will be eligible for $500 scholarships. 

• Scholarships cannot be combined. If a dancer receives multiple scholarships, the scholarship of the highest value will be applied to that dancer's account. Additionally, scholarships may only be applied for the year in which they are awarded.


Dancers already registered for Phoenix Fire, Season 4 who have been accepted (by invitation or audition) to Focus, Season 2 will automatically receive a $750 scholarship for early registration (ending January 2021) or a general registration scholarship of $500 (after January 2021). 


Dancers who are invited to Focus, Season 2 who would like to transfer their registration from Phoenix Fire, Season 4 are welcome to do so pending availability. There will be a $250 transfer fee applied to this dancer's account at the time of transfer.

Dancers who have rolled over from previous year or who have received full tuition scholarships to Phoenix Fire: Season 4 cannot transfer registration to Focus: Season 2. Dancers in these circumstances will be able to register for Focus: Season 2 with a $750 scholarship for early registration (ending January 2021) or a $500 scholarship for general registration (starting after January 2021). 


For siblings of a dancer already registered for Focus, Season 2 there is an additional discount of $250.00 that may be applied to the second sibling dancer's registration. Please register your first dancer normally, and for the second sibling dancer choose, in the registration drop down menu,  "Sibling Registration" to complete your second dancer's registration. 

Yes, there is a deposit required to register through payment plan for Focus: Season 2. The deposit is for $100 and is subtracted from your total balance. 

All registrations are final and there will be no refunds provided if you are unable to attend. 

Postponement Due To Unforeseeable Circumstances: If the experience or convention is postponed due to unforeseeable circumstances all registrations will be automatically moved to the new dates. If a dancer is unable to attend these new dates a credit for payments made will be issued to the dancer to attend another Liberate Artists experience or convention. This credit must be used over a period of two years after the original date. 

Dancer Cancellation Due To Illness Or Injury: In the event of illness or injury, which prevents the dancer from attending Focus,  a credit for the amount paid will be issued to the dancer to attend another Liberate convetion or experience.

Please note all scholarships are only valid for the year  of registation and will be lost if full payment is not received or payment plans are not completed. 

Focus In Session

Let's get down to business. 

For Focus: Season 2, we do not offer family observation passes. Due to the intimacy of Focus,  we do however, invite parents and families to attend unique experiences.  Additionally, we will be requesting parent volunteers to assist in the creation of our original music video. More details on how you can join in on the magic, will be available in the Spring of 2021. 

All Focus unit members will be required to provide their own make-up, wardrobe, and props according to the parameters provided in our Virtual Welcome Kit. This kit will detail costume requirements, many which will be found in your closet, and a webpage with links for you to purchase any additional items you may need. Our Virtual Welcome Kit will be available two months prior to the start. 

All parent/family volunteer opportunities will be available in Spring 2021. Please stay tuned for more information. 

Please note there are few volunteer positions available. Volunteer positions we need, will be filled on a first come, first serve basis. 

All Focus unit members are responsible for: 

• Registration 

• Any costumes/props required as listed in the Virtual Welcome Kit  (available 2 months prior to Focus) 

• Hotel accommodations, meals (including meals out with Liberate) and transportation  

• Focus: Season 2, Official Tee (estimated $35-$40)

• Additional premiere tickets (estimated $30-40 per ticket)

All Focus Unit Members and accepted Family Volunteers will be able to attend the premiere without additional cost) 

The casting ceremony is when each unit member is cast in their role and meet their Apprentice Crew Leader. 

Apprentice Crew Leaders are assistant choreographers who will guide unit members through choreography, classes, and rehearsals at Focus: Season 2. 

All faculty are announced in the spring of each year and will be the biggest and brightest commercial dancers and industry professionals Los Angeles has to offer. For Focus: Season 1 faculty included Ysabellè Capitule, Nat Bat, Fresh Redding, Kai Lin, Comfort Fedoke, Lauren Froderman, Kent Boyd and so much more....check out the media from Focus: Season 1  to join in on the Hollywood magic. 

The premiere is the culmination of all of your hard work. Apprentices and unit members will walk the red carpet and premiere the documentary and music video.

A music video is a videotaped performance of our recording artists' song. The song will be accompanied by dancing and visual images interpreting the lyrics. All registrants will perform in the music video directed and choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance winner and All Star Lauren Froderman. Learn more about Lauren Froderman here. 

The documentary is the behind the scene story of the creation of the music video. 

Apprentice FAQ

The Apprentice FAQ will be available in January 2021.